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Urad dal kachori

Urad Dal kachori:-

This recipe of Urad dal kachori is not as same as Khasta Kachori. It is also not as soft as Puri. It has both softness and crispiness. You can easily make it for your breakfast. You can serve it with aloo sabji.I like to eat this kachori with aloo Dum. We often made this kachori during occasions.
This recipe is  so good , that you can have this kachori with pickle or fresh curd. So, Here is the ingredients that we need for this recipe: 
* Purpose Flour - 1cup * Whole wheat flour - 1 cup * Baking soda - ½tsp * salt - to taste * oil - 3tbsp * ginger and green chilli * Chopped ginger and green chilli - 1tbsp * Turmeric powder - ½tsp * Red chilli powder - ½tsp * Coriander Powder - ½tsp * Asafoetida - 1pinch * Fennel powder - ½tsp * oil for deep frying
Preparing Dough:-

Step:1In a mixing bowl take 1 cup purpose flour, 1 cup whole wheat flour, baking soda ½tsp and salt ½tsp and mix it well with the help of spoon.
Step:2Then, add 3tbsp of oil to the mixture. Mix the oil with the mixture and …

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